I designed these websites for academic purposes or collaborative projects. Suggestions and feedback would be very much appreciated.
Most Recent Update: 2015-01-31

Academic Websites

  • The National Research Resource for Quantitative Functional MRI
    Affiliation: Webmaster (complete renovation of website)
    A national research resource dedicated to the design of quantiative magnetic resonance (MR) acquisition and processing technology to assess tissue changes and alterations in function, metabolism, and physiology as the brain changes during neurodevelopment or neurodegeneration.

  • The F.M. Kirby Center for Functional Brain Imaging
    Affiliation: Webmaster (complete renovation of website)
    A research resource where imaging scientists, neuroscientists, and clinicians collaborate to study brain function. This website introduces newcomers to the center, showcases available technology and resources, and displays information to the scientific community. In this lab, I am conducting research for my PhD thesis.

  • JIST: The Java Image Science Toolkit
    Affiliation: Developer, Editor for JIST MediaWiki
    Initially developed as an extension to MIPAV (CIT, NIH, Bethesda, MD), the JIST processing infrastructure provides automated GUI generation for application plug-ins, graphical layout tools, and command line interfaces.

  • Association for Women in Science: Baltimore Chapter
    Affiliation: Vice President of Communications, Webmaster
    Revised collaborative website to support and showcase the advancement of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by providing opportunities to participate in mentoring, career development, and leadership activities in Baltimore and its surrounding areas. Created AWIS Blog.

  • Johns Hopkins University: Hopkins Imaging Initiative
    Affiliation: Overall Committee Leader, Training Subcommittee, Founding Member, Webmaster
    This collaborative website is the central resource for training our students in the clinical and engineering aspects of imaging at JHU.

  • Johns Hopkins University: Johns Hopkins PostDoctoral Association
    Affiliation: Webmaster, Communications Committee, Health/Policy/Advocacy Committee
    Revitalized collaborative website that displays resources for postdoctoral fellows at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, from benefits to family information to weekly announcements. Created JHPDA Blog.

  • Johns Hopkins University: Biomedical Engineering PhD Council
    Affiliation: Webmaster (complete renovation of website)
    The BME PhD Council is the doctoral student body's collective voice in departmental affairs, providing reports between faculty and students, generating a community for PhD students, and organizing various events. I've made two versions of this site; the older one was created with Adobe Go-Live, and the most recent version was created using Google Sites.

  • Johns Hopkins University: Training Program in Translational Imaging
    Affiliation: Supervisor, Webmaster
    TPTRI provides excellent opportunities for trainees to merge clinical and engineering research, specifically focusing on biomedical imaging.

  • Johns Hopkins University: Effective Science Communication Class
    Affiliation: Web Designer (template for website pages)
    This student-organized course teaches the basics of grammar, how to present data, and how to overcome challenges in scientific communication.

  • Johns Hopkins University: Biomedical Engineering Signals
    Affiliation: Web Designer (template for website pages)
    This introductory course on signals and systems teaches biomedical engineering students the basics on the flow of information.

  • Johns Hopkins University: NeuroEngineering Training Initiative
    Affiliation: Previous President (drafting of site content)
    The NeuroEngineering Training Initiative at Johns Hopkins seeks to balance engineering, mathematics, and computer science with molecular, cellular, and systems neurosciences. Through schoolwork, seminars, social events, conferences, and collaborative interactions, our students provide the nexus between basic science, clinical, and engineering research.

  • NeuroEngineering Training Initiative Administrative Blog
    Affiliation: Previous Webmaster (creation of blog)
    This resource, in conjunction with the NeuroEngineering Training Initiative website, displays neuroengineering advice to incoming students, administrative information, and meeting minutes.

  • NeuroEngineering Job Blog
    Affiliation: Previous Webmaster (creation of blog)
    This blog, another part of the NeuroEngineering Training Initiative, lists current job openings in the field of neuroengineering.

Collaborative Websites

  • Quirky Ink, LLC
    Affiliation: Founding Member, CEO
    Founded in 2013, my freelance design company focuses on creative communication that promotes our clients (healthcare groups, academic groups, etc.) through websites, graphic design, and communication.

  • AAAS S&TP Fellow Affinity Group: Federal Innovation and Research Evaluation (FIRE)
    Affiliation: Co-Chair, Webmaster
    Formed by fellows to focus on program evaluation, strategic planning, and portfolio analysis, this group plans networking events and educational lectures that connect evaluators in the DC area.

  • MIT Alumni Club of Baltimore
    Affiliation: Previous Webmaster (creation of website)
    This club, for MIT alumni in the Baltimore area, provides many resources for networking, connecting, and communicating.

  • Baltimore Parking
    Affiliation: Webmaster (creation of website)
    This site is a collaborative collection of data on street parking in Baltimore City.

  • Port Warwick Pediatrics, Ltd.
    Affiliation: Online Resource Administrator (creation of website)
    This website for a private pediatric practice in Newport News, VA, features online forms for requesting a well check-up, asking for a prescription refil, and several valuable resources for patients. I designed their website, logo, letterhead, and ongoing online resources.

  • Hopkins Dance
    Affiliation: Vice President, Webmaster (creation of website)
    This club at Johns Hopkins was founded as "JHMI Dance" in 2007. As we expanded to include all of the JHU campuses, we renamed the organization to "Hopkins Dance." Our goal was to bring together Hopkins affiliates who share a love for dancing. The website showcases several types of partner-style dancing, various events, and Hopkins-based tips.

  • JHMI Dance
    Affiliation: Vice President, Webmaster (creation of website)
    This club at Johns Hopkins was founded in 2007 to bring together Hopkins affiliates who share a love for dancing. The name was then changed to "Hopkins Dance" and the club now encompasses all campuses of Johns Hopkins University.

  • Ask the Beaver
    Affiliation: Previous Webmaster (creation of blog, collaborator)
    This question-and-answer column offers advice, with topics ranging from relationships to résumés. The postings were published in the MIT-Wellesley collaborative journal, Counterpoint.

  • Personal MIT Alumni Website
    This is my personal website, designed in June of 2009 and updated on a somewhat-regular basis.


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