Maui Scheduler Documentation

    Documentation regarding the use, administration, and tuning of the Maui scheduler is available in the following forms:

Official Maui Scheduler Homepage

    - provides information regarding latest developments, documentation, downloads, and related projects.

Maui Scheduler Administrators Guide

    - provides detailed information for building, installing, configuring, and administering Maui.  This manual also covers general batch system and scheduling philosophy, optimization, trouble shooting, and setup and management of advanced scheduling features.

Maui Scheduler Users Guide

    - provides information on Maui from an end-user's perspective including tools for analyzing system usage and resource availability, methods to take advantage of advanced scheduling services, and ways to get the best service for one's own jobs.

Maui Quick Start Guide

    - brief documenation covering initial steps requires for build, configuration, and testing of the Maui Scheduler.

Maui Scheduler FAQ

    - covers frequently asked questions regarding Maui usage

Maui Users List Archives

    - archives containing hundreds of common configuration and usage questions

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