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18-Sep-2013System delivery
19-Sep-2013System installed by Glen Baker
19-Sep-2013VNC installed
20-Sep-2013MATLAB, FSL installed, user contributed mods for parallel FSL using Torque installed but needs work.
20-Sep-2013JRE 7 u40 installed
20-Sep-2013MATLAB DCS installed - working on parallel profiles. Starting out trying to use Torque scheduled for MATLAB workers.
23-Sep-2013XEmacs installed
24-Sep-2013Cluster set up as NIS client of godzilla, NFS automounts for homes, g3 and g4 set up - all user id's now able to login on master
25-Sep-2013Beowulf config modified so KKI network is NATed through master to compute nodes, NFS cross-mounts to godzilla set up, compute nodes can now directly access godzilla disks. Performance will be low but convenience high - data should be staged to /tmp on compute nodes if I/O is significant..
28-Sep-2013Turned on iptable firewall on master since we are now fully open to KKI network. Penguin had fully disabled for some reason. Rules allow connection only from Kirby Center subnets.
02-Oct-2013Download PBSWeb as possible easy interface to submit jobs - working on install. Requires PostgreSQL, PHP and Apache web server. Trying initial install on godzilla.
15-Oct-2013Anaconda installed
17-Oct-2013FSL modifications for parallel operation using Torque completed
17-Oct-2013MIPAV, SPM8 installed
21-Oct-2013AFNI installed - OpenMP 64 bit version. Many AFNI binaries are parallelized: 3dAllineate.c, 3dAutoTcorrelate.c, 3dBandpass.c, 3dBlurInMask.c, 3dClustSim.c, 3dDespike.c, 3dDimRed.c, 3dGroupInCorr.c, 3dLocalHistog.c, 3dLocalPV.c, 3dLocalstat.c, 3dLocalSVD.c, 3dNwarpAdjust.c, 3dNwarpApply.c, 3dNwarpCalc.c, 3dNwarpCat.c, 3dQwarp.c, 3dREMLfit.c, 3dSatCheck.c, 3dTcorr1D.c, 3dTcorrMap.c, 3dttest++.c, 3dUnifize.c, AlphaSim.c

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