Godzilla Upgrade Information

File / Scheduling Server Replacement

Our file server, godzilla, was 10 years old has been retired. A new server has been installed and is in general use. We switched over to the new server on Monday November 29, 2021. The new server designated godzilla4 is located in Kennedy's Ashland Data Center in the basement of the 1741 Ashland Avenue building. It will be managed and secured by the KKI IT department and so will better meet the IRB Data Trust security requirements.

Network Access and Login

There is a significant change in access to godzilla4 due to the security requirements. This system is not visible to the Internet as the previous godzilla was. All access must be from within Kennedy Krieger or Johns Hopkins or using the KKI VMware Horizon or Hopkins Pulse Secure VPNs. We will make arrangements for the several users outside KKI/JHU to access their data and scanner scheduling.

The new system can be accessed using the name godzilla4.kennedykrieger.org. Since the system is not exposed to the Internet, the standard SSH port, 22 is used for interactive logins and file transfers. The web site can be accessed using https://godzilla4.kennedykrieger.org.

On the previous system, a number of users had a self-selected username - mostly users created many years ago. Your username on the new server is either your KKI Active Directory or Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory username. Data and home directories of renamed users have been renamed as well.

Data Access

Data from users home directories and the RAID arrays /g3, /g4 and /g5 has been copied from the old system to the new system. On the night of November 28 a final synchronization (rsync) of the storage devices was run and we write locked the old data storage devices. Use the new system to retrieve all your Kirby Center scanner data.

On the new system, your home is still /home/<username> and the current RAID array, /g5 is still /g5. The previous RAID filesystems are slightly changed: /g3 is /data/g3 and /g4 is /data/g4.

Scheduling System

If you are a scheduler, you should now login to the web server and see the scheduling pages and other content. On the night of November 28, the scheduling database was synchronized a final time, the old system was locked and starting at midnight all scheduling uses the new server.

If you had a self-selected username on the old scheduling system, your usernameis now your KKI AD or JHED username in the new scheduling site.

Data Analysis

penguin.kennedykrieger.org, our compute cluster system, was switched to cross-mounting the new system's disks and authenticating logins using the new system. This required a shutdown and reboot of penguin. The new godzilla has Matlab, SPM, FSL and some other analysis software installed. Small processing tasks can be run on the new system.

Switch Over Date

We switched over to the new server on Monday November 29, 2021. Please contact Joe Gillen if you experience any difficulties.