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A PC running Windows 7 is available in both 3T and the 7T control rooms for use by investigators to present fMRI paradigms to subjects in the scanners. A PC is located in the Simulator control room for investigators to use in fMRI practice sessions. Associated with these computer systems is audio equipment for playing sound from a variety of sources to the fMRI research subject, a display system for showing the computer screens or NTSC video programs to the subject, response devices to acquire and record subject responses and physiologic recording devices to acquire and record ECG, pulse, respiration, skin conductance and EEG (in MR2). There is also a mobile eye tracking system that can be used in any of the scanners.

These systems are shared resources used by many of our investigators who depend on them for use in their research protocols. It is therefore essential that they be left in a known state for use by the next investigator. No one wants to spend time determining why their paradigm does not run properly due to some unknown change made in the previous use of the system. You must reset any settings changed in the Control Panels on the computers or on the audio or video systems to the settings and connections found when you arrived. This gives all users a known starting point for beginning their experiments.

This includes display resolution, number of colors, refresh rate, sound volume and balance, audio system volume, projector brightness and contrast settings and all wiring connections. Also, most users require that the energy saver be turned off on the computer system they use for presentation so that the screen is not blanked during a long display period. This must be turned back on to prevent burn-in damage to the LCD displays.


MR1 and MR2: Dell Optiplex SX9020

MR3 7T: Dell T3400

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Medrad Contrast Injector

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Neuroscan EEG/EPR System

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