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DSXJHMI has been recently ported to Windows Vista using Visual Studio .net 2005. Due to incompatibilities of GltGlExt the 3D viewer is not included in the current Vista Beta version.
Furthermore, a MacOs X version has been available for some time, with essentially full capability.
This makes DSXJHMI available on Linux, Linux x86, MaxOs X, Windows XP and Vista.
Scientific papers using DSXJHMI have been published, see Neuroimage. 2007 January 15; 34(2): 733-742.
The download link currently features approximately the 060227 release for Windows XP. For all other systems/versions please contact the developers.


Many bugs were recently fixed to prepare DSXJHMI for internal presentation at our institution. See the DSXJHMI online manual for more information. A new release and DSX update is pending.


New DSX update available. Contains major bugfixes. Initial curve fitting interface. Integration and documentation of peaks.


DSXJHMI was awarded "magna cum laude" during presentation at this year's meeting of the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR).


The decision was made to completely rewrite the spectroscopy interface of DSXJHMI. This will lead to a number of experimental releases that will slowly approach the full functionality of the latest stable release. However, the decision was made to allow for more modularity in the code and to better adapt it to the processing power of modern personal computers. An experimental release is available and we welcome those who are interested to get a first impression about where we are moving the project.


New DSXJHMI update available. Image processing extensions and updates.


Online registration and download activated. Download the beta version of DSXJHMI for windows. Click on "download DSX" and follow the instructions.


DSXJHMI secure download area created.


New DSXJHMI update available. Improved overlay function.


New DSXJHMI update available. Changes of the appearance of the main window. Bugfix of spectroscopic file format loading routines (SPAR and CUSTOM). Removal of deprecated imageviewer menus filter and magnify. 3D viewer window now hideable with checkbox.


DSXJHMI for Windows beta is released. This release is restricted to selected people inside the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.


DSX Webpage created.

General Information and Disclaimer

DSXJHMI is the successor of the CSX and IMAX software. Development takes place at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions ( JHMI ) of Johns Hopkins University ( JHU ) in Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America. DSXJHMI is used primarily by members of The Russell H. Morgan Department of Radiology and Radiological Science. The software is available publicly for the Microsoft Windows operating system. A Linux release will follow. The program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but _without any warranty_; without even the implied warranty of _merchantability_ or _fitness for a particular purpose_. It is designed as a help for researchers in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy. It is _not_ intended for use in a clinical setting.

All Rights Reserved.


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