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See the OFFIS website for details on these tools and lots of additional DICOM info.


dcm2pnm Convert DICOM images to PPM/PGM, PNG, TIFF or BMP
dcm2xml Convert DICOM file and data set to XML
dcmcjpeg Encode DICOM file to JPEG transfer syntax
dcmconv Convert DICOM file encoding
dcmcrle Encode DICOM file to RLE transfer syntax
dcmdjpeg Decode JPEG-compressed DICOM file
dcmdrle Decode RLE-compressed DICOM file
dcmdspfn Export standard display curves to a text file
dcmdump Dump DICOM file and data set
private.dic Private DICOM dictionary locally with added Philips fields
dcmftest Test if file uses DICOM part 10 format
dcmgpdir Create a general purpose DICOMDIR
dcmj2pnm Convert DICOM images to PGM, PPM, BMP, TIFF or JPEG
dcmmkcrv Add 2D curve data to image
dcmmkdir Create a DICOMDIR file
dcmmklut Create DICOM look-up tables
dcmodify Modify DICOM files
dcmp2pgm Read DICOM image and presentation state and render bitmap
dcmprscp DICOM basic grayscale print management SCP
dcmprscu Print spooler for presentation state viewer
dcmpschk Checking tool for presentation states
dcmpsmk Create DICOM grayscale softcopy presentation state
dcmpsprt Read DICOM images and presentation states and render print job
dcmpsrcv Network receive for presentation state viewer
dcmpssnd Network send for presentation state viewer
dcmqridx Register a DICOM image file in an image database index file
dcmqrscp DICOM image archive (central test node)
dcmqrti The Terminal Initiator Telnet Client Program
dcmquant Convert DICOM color images to palette color
dcmscale Scale DICOM images
dcmsign Sign and Verify DICOM Files
dcod2lum Convert hardcopy characteristic curve file to softcopy format
dconvlum Convert VeriLUM files to DCMTK display files
dsr2html Render DICOM SR file and data set to HTML
dsr2xml Convert DICOM SR file and data set to XML
dsrdump Dump DICOM SR file and data set
dump2dcm Convert ASCII dump to DICOM file
echoscu DICOM verification (C-ECHO) SCU
findscu DICOM query (C-FIND) SCU
movescu DICOM retrieve (C-MOVE) SCU
pdf2dcm Convert PDF file to DICOM
storescp DICOM storage (C-STORE) SCP
storescu DICOM storage (C-STORE) SCU
termscu DICOM termination SCU
wlmscpfs DICOM Basic Worklist Management SCP (based on data files)
xml2dcm Convert XML document to DICOM file or data set
xml2dsr Convert DICOM SR file and data set to XML