Synamps2 EEG System Setup

EEG Carts
Move the Eye Tracker / EEG Computer Cart into the 3T Control Room next to the Equipment Cabinet with back of computer facing out. Store the Eye Tracker Kit under the cabinets to clear cart shelf space.
Move the EEG Supply Cart into the Control Room.
Computer Connections
Move the keyboard and mouse onto the top of the Cart.
Connect the Primary VGA Monitor cable from the Cart cable harness, labeled "1", to the Equipment Cabinet VGA cable labeled "1". For patient safety, do not connect any other cables in the harness to their mates in the Cabinet.
From the Supply Cart bottom drawer, get the Synamps Power Unit and System Unit, place onto the bottom shelf of the Computer Cart next to the Computer - be sure the power switches on both units are OFF!
From the Supply Cart bottom drawer, get the head box, connect it's cable to the System Unit Input 2. Place it on top of the Computer Cart. Screw the cable locking screws down tightly - the Head Box can be damaged if the cable disconnects while the system is powered on.
From the Supply Cart bottom drawer get the USB cable and connect the System Unit to the Computer.
From the Supply Cart bottom drawer get the gray Scan-to-Stim cable:
If the Polhemus FastTrak will be used, place it on top of the Power Unit and System Unit with power and serial connectors to back.
Place the power pack behind the Power Unit and connect the circular DIN cable to the back of the Polhemus FastTrak.
Leave the transmitter disconnected at this point. Mount the transmitter on the tripod and stand it out of the way.
From the Supply Cart bottom drawer get the bag of power cords. There should be 4 cords with IEC sockets and plugs for going from the Power Unit to devices and 1 cord with IEC socket and standard NEMA 15-3 plug to go from Power Unit to wall receptacle. and connect the following: For patient safety it is imperative that the computer and display are powered from the isolated Power Unit.
MagLink Connections
Remove the cover from the Maglink waveguide adapter on the Lab Penetration Panel.
Feed the MagLink cable through the waveguide - have someone on the other side coil it neatly in the corner. The end connector should have the red protective cap - handle with care.
When all the cable is fed through, connect the MagLink waveguide to the penetration panel adapter. Be carefull aligning the threads. Screw the waveguide until very tight.
Get the MagLink Passive Adatper from 3rd drawer EEG Supply Cart. The MagLink Cap Adapter should already be connected to it. In the Scan Room, attach the Passive Adapter to the end of the MagLink Cable. Be careful to align the connectors properly and lock tightly.
Invivo Monitor Pulse Signal Connections
Move the InVivo Monitor into the Scan Room. Attach the Gating Output Cable from the back of the Monitor to the BNC connector on the Lab Penetration Panel marked "L", removing the cable already there.
Disconnect all four cables from the RF Filter Box located next to the Lab Penetration Panel. Reconnect the cable coming from the Panel BNC connector marked "L" to the Filter Box "L Input" connector
Connect the Hi-Level Input cable HL1 BNC connector to the RF Filter Box "L Output" connector.
Connect the gray 14 pin coonector end of the Hi-Level Input cable to the Head Box Hi-Level Input jack.

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